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 Does Nick slime anymore? I don't think they do. *Sigh*

Does any one watch Nicktoons Network? It's the channel that Nick dumps their  "older" shows on. If you can call them older.

They are starting to show their own shows, like Making Fiends and *Choke* Speed Racer 2.

Does anyone think that if they brought the older shows back kids would watch them?

I think some of them really would.

Oh and, I've been bugged by this one Nick Jr. show I can't remember the name of.

I haven't seen it on here.

It was about this little girl who find an alien in her garden and he comes to live with her and he sleeps upside down in a closet.

It was really cute.

I think was a British cartoon.   .

Sorry. It was a Playhouse Disney cartoon. Thanks though.

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