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My friend said something yesterday...

"Maybe Nick hasn't changed, maybe we have."
Me thinks he is not a true believer :P. Anyone can see many of the cartoons and live action shows have gone down hill..or even if they are good, they lack some of the older Nick soul, I think :\. Does anyone agree with me?
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Well, think about this: we see the old Nick shows through nostalgia-tinted glasses, so naturally they're gonna look better than today's shows. But Nick HAS changed, there's no denying it when you see how they've amped up the teen appeal to over 9000.
I don't think it is just fact, most of the shows I love for just being themselves, and half of them I did not watch until I was older and love them just the same. I really think the older nick shows have something more timeless, where as many newer ones become dated right away from their stories not being quite as good :P
It's not just Nick really, there was a shift in children's entertainment across the board. It's troubling I think because so much of it is dumbed down, and with few exceptions doesn't really do much to prompt kids into a healthy questioning of the world around them.
That's true, a lot of it talks down to watchers or tries to force them into teen stereotypes, like the new Disney :(. Poor poor Disney channel...
Nick back in the day wasn't limited to just animation. The nick of yesteryear played with claymation, live action, as well with non-traditional forms of animation. You could sit down and watch a live action game show, followed by a good cartoon, followed by something claymated, and then a live action comedy show all in one evening. These days it all looks like the same stuff.

It reminds me of a company that starts out making a really great product. They start small and the product is really great. TIme goes on, they become bigger, and in order to cater to the most customers, they cut down on quality in favor of quantity. I suppose it's the natural order of things.
I tend to see it as a lack of integrity..but hey to each their own ;)

My dad was an adult when my generation Nick came about and he fully agrees that the shows were a million times better back then.

It's not just Nick, either, most if not all kid's shows are either insultingly stupid, annoying or just boring. There are still a few good ones, but not many.
1. The shows are dumbed down for kids today. The story lines are way too simple, which leads to very little thought process unlike the shows we grew up with. I remember watching Wile E Coyote making his contraptions and trying to think ahead of time, "Okay, now is he going to catch roadrunner or is he going to crash and burn? Obviously this contraption is facing this that must mean....etc."

2. The quality of the past is gone today. No longer do I see enormous details in the cartoons. I remember shows with elaborate backgrounds with huge details, textures, shadings, etc. These days everything is just one color with an enormous, black outline. >:\ It pisses me off, people are just lazy now!

3. Lack of flexibility. This was already addressed, but we grew up with more different types of shows. Since when have I seen a game show on Nick today (Numerous titles)? What happened to the shows that encourage kids to get out and have fun (Wild and Crazy Kids)? As one person said...what about the clamation (Inside-out boy)? What about the Anime (Little Bits, Noozles, Grims Fairy Tales)?

Face it...the nick of today is nothing but closed minded, immature, lack of character building crap.

~Steapie of my students the other day said, "I can't believe I'm being made fun of for not knowing who Spongebob is."

I wanted to hug her, hold her high in the air and say to everyone, "THIS GIRL HAS THE MOST INTELLIGENT SET OF PARENTS I HAVE EVER SEEN FOR THIS GENERATION!"
Spongebob is the only show I like on Nick anymore, and that mostly applies to the older episodes. The past couple of seasons have lost their charm. It seems as if all kids' shows are being dumbed down as someone mentioned previously.

But yes, I am a college student who watches Spongebob. ;)
I like Spongebob because I think of it as a kinder version of Ren and Stimpy (which I never cared for because it at heart seemed so angry all the time)
When the All That reunion was coming on and they showed marathons of the old episodes, I asked myself that question too. Because often times, shows you loved as a kid were really just plain corny. (I loved Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, for example, and while the movie is great nostalgia, it's corny as hell and probably no more clever than the newer ones I didn't watch)

But honestly? I think they really were better. Especially watching the All That 10th Anniversary thing. The older cast outshone the new generation and came off as SO much funnier. The sketches I laughed at as a kid were still hilarious.

To make a long story short, I think it's a mix of both. Yes, as older viewers we view the shows we used to watch more favorably. Also, we are less apt to find humor suited for younger children funny as we mature. But at the same time, I DO think things have gone downhill as well.
Well, I am twenty-five and do still find some new shows made for little ones (some of the shows on Nick Jr. for one, that are not Dora or Dora like) funny or cute just as much as I ever did...The only change is I find that there are not as many of those short of shows as there use to be :(