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nick_of_yore's Journal

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Old School Nicksters
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Remember snick? The orange couch? Clarissa, Ferguson, Mr. Ernst, Donkeylips, Budnick, Artie: the strongest man in the world and all of those cool cats? Well this is a place to revel in the joys of the younger (80s through early 90s) Nickelodeon. Today's modern television simply does not compare. If you feel this way, you may enter; and remember, discuss, laugh heartily. Whether it be about cartoons, sitcoms, theme music, photos or any influences of the Nick kind. All are encouraged -- for these times are no more.


“Reprise the theme song and roll the credits.”

Whenever my life gets me so down
I know I can go down
To where the music and the fun never ends.
As long as the music keeps playin'
Ya know what I'm sayin'
I know that I can find a friend...

Down at the Roundhouse!


Anawana wanna speak,
Anawana wanna live,
Anawana wanna Ug!

"i don't know", "water", 80s, adventures of little koala, adventures of pete and pete, against the odds, alanis morissette, alex mack, alfred hitchcock, all that (original cast), allegra's window, are you afraid of the dark?, artie, awful waffles, bananaman, barth, barthy burgers, belle and sebastian, budnick, camp anawana, canadians, clarissa darling, clarissa explains it all, classic nickelodeon, count duckula, crowning glory, curious george, danger mouse, dave coulier, david the gnome, dennis the menace, doctor snuggles, don't just sit there, donkeylips, donna reed, double dare, doug, early 90s, eureeka's castle, ferg breath, ferg face, ferguson darling, fifteen, flipper, fred penner's place, get smart, get the picture, getting old, going great, good times, grimm's fairy tale classics, guts, heathcliff, hey dude, hey sandy, iggy pop, inside-out boy, inspector gadget, j.d. roth, kevin "ug" lee, kids court, killer cacti, lance link: secret chimp, lassie, laughing, legends of the hidden temple, livewire, locker jokes, looney toons, make the grade, man eatin' jackrabbit, mapletown, marc summers, mark mulcahy, matthew lillard, maya the bee, mike o'malley, milkman, mom's plate, mr. ernst, mr. mecklenberg, mr. wizard's world, my three sons, mysterious cities of gold, national geographic explorer, nick arcade, nick at nite, nick jr., nick news w-5, nick rocks, nickelodeon, noggin, nostalgia, olmec, omar gooding, orange couch, out of control, patty duke, pete & pete, petunia, picture pages, pie, pinwheel, polaris, reminiscing, ren and stimpy, rocko's modern life, ronnie pinsky, roundhouse, ryan reynolds, salute your shorts, sam anders, sixteen cinema, sk8 tv, slime, snick, space cases, special delivery, special sauce, sponge harris, star trek: the animated series, steve buscemi, stick stickly, super sloppy double dare, superdude, the barnone, the darlings, the elephant show, the littl' bits, the little prince, the midnight society, the monkees, the noozles, the third eye, the tomorrow people, the secret world of alex mack, think fast, today's special, tucson, turkey television, vital information, vomit, weinerville, welcome freshmen, what would you do?, whipped cream, wild and crazy kids, you can't do that on television, zeke the plumber, zoo family

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