Derek J Neuland (backstabber) wrote in nick_of_yore,
Derek J Neuland

Leave It To Beaver: The Complete Series- $83.99 @ Amazon- One day sale

Today's gold box deal (one day sale) on Amazon is Leave It To Beaver: The Complete Series for $83.99 (yesterday's price $121.99).

Every episode of the classic tv series on 37 discs.
Special Features:
Its A Small World: The rare pilot episode that started it all!
Forever The Beaver - The Cleavers Look Back: Cast members Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow and Barbara Billingsley as well as renowned collector and co-creator of The New Leave It To Beaver Brian Levant reflect on the quintessential American family sitcom.
Ken Osmond And Frank Bank Remember: Cast members Ken Osmond and Frank Bank reunite to look back at their adventures on the set of Leave It To Beaver and beyond.
The Drum Major Of The Toy Parade: A conversation with composer Dave Kahn.
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